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„Some say I obviously got hoofprints on my heart.
I think they’re right.“

Growing up in Germany Carina fell in love with horses at an early age and felt inspired by their uniqueness ever since then. The fascination about their beauty and strength lead her to being an award-winning equine photographer. The young artist is well-known for her natural style of capturing the horses‘ heart instead of the plain appearance. Through her passion Carina managed to build her own photo business as an international photographer and photo trainer. Her photos were published in magazines, calendars and on TV around the globe. In 2016 she has been named one of the top 10 equine photographers of the world and also has been featured on several media, for example CNN international, National Geographic (Poland) and in Horsemanship China Magazine.


  • 1st Place – 2016 ND Awards in Fine Art / Landscape – „Lost and Found“
  • 2nd Place – 2016 ND Awards in Nature / Wildlife – Wild Horse Series „Untamed Heart“
  • Honorable Mention – 2016 IPA in Nature / Wildlife – „Strength lies in peace“
  • Honorable Mention – 2015 IPA in Sports / Others – „heart of the race horse“
  • Honorable Mention – 2015 Monochrome Awards in Fine Art – „Humility“
  • Ranked one of the Top 10 Photographers in the World of Horses on RussianPhoto
  • Ranked one of the Top 10 equine photographer of the world on TopTeny


  • National Geographic (PL)
  • weather.com
  • CNN international
  • Bored Panda
  • Wide Open Pets
  • Horsenetwork
  • DigiFoto Starter
  • Nexus Media
  • DIY Photography
  • Photo School Pro
  • Global Photography
  • Horsemanship Magazine China
  • Digital Camera Magazine
  • Ukraine Airline Magazine
  • C’t Fotografie
  • GoldMustang Russia
  • Pictures Magazine

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